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Responsible Gambling

  1. Introduction

    Betkumi products and services are designed for your entertainment and enjoyment and we are committed to providing a secure, fair and socially responsible services. We want you to enjoy our products and services safely and responsibly. We have put into place a range of measures to ensure that everyone who enjoys our services can do so in as safe way as possible.

    At Betkumi, we value our customers and take our social responsibility very serious. Responsible gambling is a serious matter and if you feel like this is becoming a problem help is readily available. Please establish safe gambling limits for yourself and stick to those limits.

    Our services are restricted ONLY to persons who are Eighteen (18) years and above, not under self-exclusion and are of sound mind (able to make informed choice to participate in any gambling activity). We are licensed to operate in the following jurisdictions:

    1. In the Republic of Kenya, Betkumi is licensed (license number 000627) and regulated by Betting Control and Licensing Board (of Kenya) as provided under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya; and
    2. In the Republic of Zambia, Betkumi is licensed (license number 0001114) and regulated by Betting Control and Licensing Board of Zambia as provided under Betting Control Act, 1957 (Chapter 166) and the Casino Act, 1992 (Chapter 157) of laws of Zambia.

    Please NOTE gambling is not a FORM OF INCOME. It is meant for leisure, entertainment and fun.

  2. Self-assessment Test

    If you feel you may have a problem with your gambling, ask yourself the following questions:

      (i) Do your prefer gambling to spending time with your family, friends or other ways to have quality time?

      (ii) Would you steal, lie or sell valuable assets to get money to gamble?

      (iii) Do you ever miss work or classes so that you can gamble?

      (iv) Do you feel gambling is a way out of a boring or unhappy life?

      (v) Have you ever gambled away all your money, and been unable to afford food or pay your basic bills like rent?

      (vi) Do you lie or hide the amount of time or money spent gambling?

      (vii) Would you feel depressed if you were to lose your money through gambling? Would more gambling provide the only relief?

      (ix) Do you feel an urge to recover all of your losses right away when you happen to incur a loss due to gambling?

      (x) Do you respond to arguments, frustrations or disappointments with desire to gamble more? Is gambling driving you depressed or suicidal?

    NOTE: The more positive answers you gave to the above questions, the more serious gambling problem you may have AND in such a case we recommend you sign up for self-exclusion. You may contact our customer service team for help on self-exclusion through contacts (email address and/ or mobile phone number) displayed on this website for each applicable jurisdiction.

  3. Important tips on betting responsibly

      (i) Treat your betting as an entertainment expense.

      (ii) Only gamble with money you can afford to lose

      (iii) Know your limits, and be clear about them before you start betting.

      (iv) Remember to take a break.

      (v) Don't gamble when you're upset or depressed.

      (vi) Do something else to occupy your free time.

      (vii) Don't chase losses.

  4. Gambling problem

    1. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure all gambling activities takes place in a safe and clean environment. However, gambling problem is difficult to spot and we are not trained professionals in identification and treatment of gambling problem. If we suspect that you are experiencing gambling problem, we reserve the right to contact you, and at our sole discretion, to suspend your account and block access to our products. In the event our customer service team contacts you over gambling problem, we request that you cooperate. We have your best interest at heart.
    2. In addition, we encourage you always self-evaluate your gambling life and the moment you feel it is no longer enjoyable and fun, you sign up for self-exclusion option. Contact customer service team for guide on self-exclusion.
  5. Compliance

    1. Betkumi products and services are authorized and regulated by relevant betting and gaming regulating agency(ies) in your jurisdiction. We are guided by applicable laws and regulations in your country for all our operations. We comply with all guidelines including (but not limited to) suspending, or blocking, or deactivating accounts for individuals the regulator (in your jurisdiction) has profiled has having gambling problem without any reference to such individuals.
    2. We believe gaming activities under ambit of law are safe and enjoyable for the gaming industry (punters, operators, regulator and society at large).
    3. Our advertising policies are in compliance with applicable regulating body(ies) guidelines and also guidelines of social media platform providers in particular Meta and Google platforms.
  6. Limits

    1. We have set both a minimum and a maximum bet on each wager. We have also set limits for maximum wins per each game played for any day (see our terms of service).
  7. Time outs and Self-Exclusion

    We recommend you continuously undertake self-assessment of your gambling activities and any time you can either:

    1. Opt for a timeout- which is a short break from using your account with us. This may range from 24 hours up to a maximum of four (4) weeks. You will be required to contact customer servive team to facilitate this process. If you choose to take a timeout, any unsettled bets will remain active with any account balance remaining unaffected. Once your timeout period ends, your account will be available to use again automatically. OR
    2. Self- exclusion- this option is proper if opt out does not offer you the level of support you need. Self- exclusion is implemented by a customer’s request. If you would like to self-exclude yourself from accessing our products and services, please contact Customer Service Team. You will need to specify the period of time you wish to be self-excluded for, ranging from six (6) months to five (5) years. Please note you will be required to confirm your identity in order for us to confirm the request is not made by someone who has gained unauthorized access to your account.
  8. Reality check and live chat board

    1. Your account has an option of viewing your transaction history. This will show all deposits, wagers and withdrawals from your account.
    2. We also provide a feature of live chat board in a bid to make the betting activity as socializing and recreational as possible. The live chat is used to communicate between you and us on real time

    The two features are aimed at making our platform as safe as possible while using it.

  9. Prevention of Underage (minors) from gambling

    1. Betkumi requires customers to declare that they are eighteen (18) years and above to register and engage in gambling activities with us. We pursue reasonable measures to verify this and we may suspend your account without notice if we suspect you are underage and until you prove otherwise.
    2. We do not target minors with our advertising.
    3. It is your sole responsibility to keep your account safe and out of use for underage gambling. Some of measures you can undertake to ensure minors have no access to your account and engage in gambling include:

      1. Not leaving your computer or android/ ios mobile devices unattended when you are logged on to our website.
      2. Making sure to logout when you leave our website.
      3. Keeping your Mobile Money Wallet (account) password confidential.
      4. Not leaving the "Save Password" option enabled.
      5. Using child protection software.
      6. Creating separate computer profiles for your children.
      7. Safe locking our applications in your mobile devices.
      8. Ensuring the mobile devices, you use for betting are not available to minors.
  10. Contacts and support services

    1. Please see our contacts in your jurisdiction of residence by clicking on contacts in the website.
    2. We have also provided a list psychosocial support services centers in your jurisdiction that you may reach to if you have a gambling problem. See our responsible gambling policy in your jurisdiction for psychosocial support services centers available for your support and a guide on how to contact them.
  11. Rules

    1. All Betkumi transactions are covered by our Terms of Service as well as any specific Betting Rules. We have made a great effort to make our rules clear and transparent and we take care in enforcing them as effectively and equitably as possible. All our customers must be eighteen (18) years of age or over. Username and password confidentiality are your responsibility.
    2. Betting can be addictive, Play responsibly. Gambling may have adverse effects if not done with moderation.
    3. Gambling Bets, once placed cannot be changed. For the full details go to our Terms of Service.